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The Restaurant

Perko’s “Farm Fresh”

From the rolling hills of Auberry to the vineyards of Selma, and the lush farmland, and dairies that scatter the terrain from Turlock to Sacramento. All elements stretching north and south make up the most fertile valley in the world that is the Great Central Valley of California…

This is where Perko’s “Farm Fresh” established its roots. It’s where our people we’re born, and raised in little towns like Sanger, Reedley, Selma, Turlock, Tracy, Madera, and even some bigger cities like Modesto & Sacramento. We even ventured out of the foothills up into Sonora & Jackson all the while using only the freshest produce and livestock for our great homeland-The Central Valley.

This is why we added the tag “Farm Fresh” to our name. Because that’s what we’re all about. From our fresh baked pies, to our signature salads, and our USDA steaks and poultry. Local produce companies up and down the state provide us with the finest quality foods available all from our Central Valley…

We love our farmers, our cattlemen, and our ranchers, our local businesses , and did I mention farmers? Yes Farmers are the backbone of this great region, and we honor them by using their products, and promoting their namesake. Because if it ain't “Farm Fresh” it  ain't Perko’s!

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